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"An amazing tribute tonight in Halifax! I could have honestly believed this was the real Fleetwood Mac! Each member was just fantastic. You can tell these people have studied Fleetwood Mac so meticulously to make this show so incredible. I had a great time listening to some of my favourite songs in the world."



“Just come back from this and I can honestly say they were beyond outstanding. From their visual appearance to their vocal reproduction, their whole act was faultless and a joy to behold. On several occasions I closed my eyes and I could have been sat at home listening to my music. The Nicks, McVie and Buckingham front worked in complete harmony and Nicks' voice resemblance to the original is frightening. If you haven't seen these yet then scrap all your plans, find where they are playing next and get there. Simply awesome and a complete wow that captivated a full house with memories that will last a lifetime. Thank you and well done.”



"Why are there only 5 stars ? I think you’re worth at least 10! You were fabulous in Aylesbury tonight - really enjoyed it… kept ticking off songs I wanted to hear - you did them all!"



"What a fabulous performance, sounded magnificent and some songs had me close to tears as the voices were beautiful.  Excellent production with amazing guitar, drums, piano and bass.  Totally in awe how the group do this to perfection.  Thank you for such a enjoyable show, would definitely go again!!!"



"From the moment the concert started I had a feeling it would be good. It wasn’t just good, it was absolutely outstanding. Have seen the real FM, and didn’t think any tribute would come close. This group of musicians did. I can’t praise them enough, and loved every minute. Well done to you all, and everyone concerned in this production. Amazing! If you get the opportunity to see this concert, go. You’ll not be disappointed. "



"Amazing gig last night at Charter Hall Colchester, the band replicated the Fleetwood Mac sound so well if you closed your eyes you’d have thought it was the real thing. Superb evening, I loved every minute of every song and the narrative between the songs was so interesting.

    Well done guys, I’ve already booked to see you in November at Clacton"



"Went to see at The Winding Wheel, Chesterfield 8.4.2022 and all I can say is WOW what a brilliant night. Fabulous performances by each band member and a great tribute to Fleetwood Mac. Would I recommend you go and see if you haven’t already…..oh yes indeed!!"



"Wow, what a show! Everyone on stage was midblowing! You must have spent your whole life studying FM. The musicianship is unreal and the voices are just beautiful in every way. The two girls are unbeleivibly good. My wife and I have seen the real FM and we have seen a couple of tributes including Rumours. Honestly, this show beats them all."

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